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Resource from Cory Collins, minister at Keller (TX) church of Christ

What’s Your Net — Worth? Luke 5:1-11
It was all so ordinary – the fishermen, the boats, and the nets – until Jesus came on the scene. He challenged Simon Peter to move farther out in the Sea of Galilee and drop the nets just once more. Peter caught the fish, and Jesus caught Peter!

Just Do It! – Overcoming Procrastination
It feels so good to mark your to-do list “done!” It is so satisfying to begin, continue, and complete a project on time! So – why do you put off what you know you ought to do? It’s not just a matter of things like cleaning out that pile of clutter. It’s getting serious about prayer, the Word of God, and your family goals. Let’s figure out how to solve this problem, without delay!

Good News! An Evangelistic Bible Study Based on Acts 2

Are you looking for a clear, biblical way to understand the good news of Jesus Christ, and to share it with others? Thankfully, in Acts 2 we can “listen in” on the simple, powerful message that the apostles presented on the Day of Pentecost just a few days after Jesus returned to heaven. 
You will find additional videos on the Keller church’s website, including an outstanding presentation that Jay Don Rogers presented last night about the Ukrainian Bible Institute in Kiev. There are also excellent videos from my coworker, Spencer Ross, and others.



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