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But what about at-risk churches that can’t afford vital assistance? 


How many churches have already decided to close their doors in their community when the current membership dies off?  Who will evangelize to their community? Who is willing to step up and take on the tough assignments with God’s help turn and this trend around? We can’t wait any longer!

HomeMission primarily works with churches in the U.S.

Our HomeMission team members do not charge churches for their services. However, assistance for expenses are greatly appreciated.

Why is there such an urgency?


Today, the total number of U.S. congregations has slipped from13,174 in 1990 to 11,965 in 2018. (Churches of Christ in the United States, 2018 Edition.) It is estimated that 70 congregations of the Church of Christ are closing their doors each year!




If you would like to help HomeMission’s work, we’d love for you to be apart of the team.

Financial Support

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