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Our Goal


The goal of HomeMission is to send out skillful, trained workers to offer assistance, training, love and instruction from God’s word. Our job is not to reconstruct the church but to listen, assess, train and revive.  We don’t lay the foundation; we merely build upon the true foundation -Jesus Christ. And yes, sometimes we do “foundation repair.”

Getting our focus back on Jesus is the key to church growth! Just ask Peter what happened to him when he took his eyes off Jesus (Matthew 14:28-31).  It is our goal to assist in the areas where these congregations need help. We have a strategic plan to visit weekends, one-week or two-week stretches and have follow-up visits two or more years later. We may work with as many as 20 congregations a year. The idea is to get the congregation ready to bring in new members and then set up a Campaign for Christ, if necessary. We will teach congregations to evangelize on their own. Every year, the churches of Christ spend millions to feed the poor and send preachers to school. How much have we invested in at-risk churches of Christ and training evangelists? We Need to Finish the Job!



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