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Our Team

John Orr is the Director of HomeMission under the Faith Village (Wichita Falls TX) church of Christ elders. John and his wife, Susie, travel thousands of miles a year to congregations around the country.

Danny Aragon, based in Kim CO, supports the work there and in the surrounding states of Kansas, New Mexico and Iowa.

Tom Bedicheck assists congregations in Kansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas and North Dakota.

Russell Blackwell and his wife, Judy, are from Tuscumbia AL. Russell will be an additional HomeMission evangelist.                   

Tom Box works with the former two congregations in Burkburnett TX, which have now merged into one body. Tom is preaching there at the present time. 

Bud Branson is the HomeMission On-Site Administrator, with his office in the Faith Village Church of Christ building. He handles day-to-day activities of HomeMission and coordinates its evangelists’ schedules and assists congregations who appeal for help in preacher searches. He and his wife, Tressa, live in Wichita Falls TX.

Bill Clark and his wife, Megan, are from Ovilla TX and will work on behalf of HomeMission in the North region of Texas.

Jack Cummings is the HomeMission Off-Site Administrator East, covering congregation needs east of Wichita Falls, TX and coordinating our evangelist efforts in that area. He lives in Willow Park, TX.

Russell DiGiorgio is currently the minister at the Media PA Church of Christ, but is a great supporter of HomeMisssion and he and his wife, Cheryl, are involved in its work.

Michael Green and his wife, JoAnn, work with congregations, technical support and fund-raising, visiting over 100 congregations in this facet of work. He is now the HomeMission Off-Site Administrator West, covering congregation needs west of Wichita Falls, Texas and coordinating our evangelist efforts there.

Bill Hardy is the minister for the Palestine (Texas) church of Christ, but he and his wife, Kathy, have assisted the nearby Bois d’Arc community and the congregation there. They have also assisted with evangelistic campaigns and are involved in the Gospel Sharing program.

Steve Hunley, from Davenport FL, helped start the Main Gate (Orlando FL) Church of Christ, which meets in a hotel lobby near the DisneyWorld parks and serves visitors to the area who wish to worship on their visit to the area. He and his wife, Patricia,  are interested in sharing the work of HomeMission with the many visitors they meet weekly.  

Karen Jones is the HomeMission Administrative Assistant. She works from the Faith Village Church of Christ building in Wichita Falls TX and performs clerical and fiscal tasks and assists in the planning and implementation of the Revive Us Again Workshop for HomeMisison.

Tommy Key is from Amarillo TX and has joined HomeMissions team of evangelists.

Ron Moore is from Ft Worth TX and will assist HomeMissionand its evangelists in that area. 

Steve Orduno is from Paso Robles CA and has joined the HomeMission team of evangelists to assist the struggling congregations in California and the western US. 

Loretta Orr is the HomeMission Director of Communications and handles the many phone, email and other connections between evangelists and staff, vendors and venues. She also manages and organizes the Revive Us Again Workshop for HomeMission and coordinates its presence at many other Lectureships.

Susie Orr is the wife of HomeMission‘s Director, John, and her duties include administering the HomeMission Facebook page, creating PowerPoint presentations for Workshops, scheduling church visits and navigating travel. She also assists at the HomeMission booth during Workshops and helps plan for the Revive Us Again Workshop.

Roger Shepherd is from Montgomery AL and will join area HomeMission evangelists in the work.

Jerry Tallman and his wife, Connie, have conducted over 220 workshops within the past ten years. They work with churches in the North and Midwest, before winter, and in Florida during the winter. Jerry is exceptional in evangelism training and congregation building. Jerry has also worked with the Sunset International Bible School in training students in evangelism.

Joe Thomas lives in Ogallala NE and will assist as a HomeMission evangelist.

Calvin Warpula is from Grandbury TX and will assist as a HomeMission evangelist.



HomeMission greatly appreciates the dedication and desire of these men and their wives to do the evangelistic work necessary, through God’s help, to assist the congregations of the Lord’s Church that are struggling. Most all of these travel at their own expense and are self-supporting. However, some of these men are striving to raise more support to assist HomeMission. If you are able to help, or know of a congregation that can help, please let us know. We pray for more to join our numbers!




If you would like to help HomeMission‘s work, we’d love for you to be a part of the team.

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