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Program Schedule

First Visit:

  1. Make a congregational assessment based on current leadership, history of the congregation, population, facilities and growth potential. We call this your HANGER session. (Hanger is an acronym:  H = history, A = advantages, N = needs, G = goals, E = excuses, R = Resolve.)
  2. Get to know the congregation.
  3. Make final observations and suggestions.
  4. Plan for the next visit.

Second Visit:

  1. We “brain storm” with the congregation to find out what they want to do and are willing to commit to. We call this your TAKEOFF session (Takeoff is an acronym: T = tell us what you want from us, A = actions taken since last meeting, K = know your role, E = events, O = operations, F = future plans, F = follow up)
  2. Have the congregation start building a prospect list.
  3. Plan for an event such as “friends’ day.”

Third Visit:

  1. Finish the prospect list.
  2. Begin teaching Trenches. This is an Outreach Training and Visitation Ministry.
  3. Teach Foundations. This is how to nurture and teach new Christians.


Fourth Visit:

  1. Check on the progress of Trenches training.
  2. Teach “Circle of Influence.” This is five lessons on how to influence people and find prospects.
  3. Show the congregation how to use “50 ways to save your neighbor.”

Fifth Visit:

We can cover all or some of the below, depending on the congregation’s needs.

  1. Singing workshop
  2. Song-leader training
  3. Bible class and classroom development

 Additional Visit:

  1.  We’ll teach “Digging tools.”  These are tools for Bible study; we will also introduce New Life Behavior.
  2.  We can provide training in advertisement, tech help (Facebook, website, etc.)
  3.  We can help with materials and research.
  4.  We can provide leadership training.
  5.  We may even be able to help with building and grounds maintenance.







This is a general overview, this program schedule can change depending on the needs of the congregation.





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