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Types of Spiritual and Material Needs Provided:


More focus on Jesus

Problem solving

Conflict resolution

Leadership support and training

Evangelism training

Preacher encouragement

Preacher training

Singing improvement

Song leading training and support

New Christian development and training

Bible school training and support

How to study the Bible


Other Needs:


Doctrinal Questions



Song Leader

Youth Worker

Planning an Outreach Event


One Heart, One Mind (acapella singing)

Circle of Influence


Starting Over CDs

Starting Over Lesson

Stars (Evangelism Training)

Digging Tools (How to Study the Bible Course)

Bible Studies to Teach Non-Christians

Tracts for your Tract Rack


50 Ways to Love the Father

50 Ways to Save Your Neighbor

50 Ways to Grow a Church (N/R)

Getting More Out of the Lord’s Supper


Visitation information

Song books


Greatness of the Lord’s Church CDs

Acapella Music CDs

I Died Last Night


Communion Ware

Business cards

Visitors cards

Type of Assistance Provided

Congregational Assessment

Conflict Resolution

Outreach & Church Growth

Evangelism Training

How To Study The Bible

Improving Congregational Singing
& Song Leaders

Getting Others Involved
(Sphere Of Influence Study)

Giving, Church Attendance, Prayer,
Communion, & Worship

Leadership Training & Assistance —
Elders, Deacons, Preaching, & General

New Christian Training

Teacher Training

Ideas For Bible Classes, Vbs, & Special Events

Preparation For Door Knocking Campaign & To Receive New Members & Keep Them

Building A Successful Youth Ministry

Finding a preacher


Materials will be offered for members who are interested. The local church will decide what their needs are. Nothing will be presented except what they specifically ask for.

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