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What is Homemission?


In the early church, men like Barnabas, Paul, Peter, Silas, Timothy and others were sent by a church or an apostle to build up fledgling or struggling churches. We call these “at-risk” churches. These men were evangelists involved in church planting or congregational building. Today, we primarily have local evangelists or “preachers” in the church in America. Up through the 1970s, however, there were men who preached gospel meetings and held debates. Some were full time. In a way, these men were congregation builders and evangelizers at the same time. Most of the evangelism of the churches of Christ came through these gospel meetings. Churches communicated and worked with each other more in those days.  The mainline churches had outside preaching, brotherhood papers like the Firm Foundation and area church of Christ bookstores to help build up churches for the work of ministry. Today, much of that has disappeared. Churches are drying up and becoming isolated. 70 churches of Christ are closing their doors each year and many “mainline” churches are becoming more denominational in their thinking. Some are removing “Christ” out of their name. Some are adding instrumental music to their worship.


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